profile picEver since I first ventured out into the world of Internet business I have been constantly told, “ The money is in the list” A lot of the “gurus” would have us believe that it is not possible to be successful in any business with just a few people. They advocate getting a very big list and constantly drip-feeding that list with other products or services that you may have in your portfolio.

I along with many others found this very daunting and I spent a lot of money in finding out how to build a list. I also wasted countless hours wading through lots of the same information from numerous different sources. I have now started to unsubscribe from a lot of the lists that I originally joined while I was learning what it was all about. Many of them while claiming to bring useful information to me are literally constant stream of different products or programs from various sources and everyone of them an affiliate program where the list owner gets paid either for allowing their list to be mailed by others or by being an affiliate in the said program.

I would agree that if you are looking to enter a MLM company or even one of the matrix programs that now seem to very prominent on the Internet, you will need a number of people in order to build a successful business. But how large a team do you need?

I have found that if you look at any program there is and optimum number of people you need to work with on your first level. This varies depending on the type of program, but generally all companies work on matrix that gives rewards at different levels in the matrix.

Let me look at the simplest of these and give my ideas of the numbers you really need to build a successful business, this is a matrix in which you need 2 people on the first level.
It is a temptation to go out and try to recruit many people to fill the matrix to whatever level is required yourself. As the figures indicate most people coming into this type of business fail because they generally blast adverts across the Internet and then get overwhelmed with trying to respond to everyone.

I find now that it is far easier to work with just a small number of people and get them to duplicate what you are doing and help them to find a similar number of people prepared to commit to learning and building together.

In the case of a matrix requiring 2 people on each level that would be 2 people you need to find. Then help and teach those 2 to do the same thing. If it is a 2 x 3 matrix then you work with a maximum of 6 people helping those to duplicate what you are doing!
If do it that way then you will have  team of 14 people working together and ll of them only working with a few people at a time.

For an example of a good place to start check out the Double Diamond Cycler page on this Blog.

Team Build or Help to Build a Team?

profile picMany people think that if they join a Team-Build, that they can sit back and let others do all the work. That my friends is why most team builds only earn for the first few people who join, the rest are left wondering why did it not happen for me?

The simple truth is that no program that is currently on the Internet is truly like that. It is like sending off money to buy a body building book and reading it, then sending a message to the author saying OK I read the book now send me the body! Everything we do requires effort and input from us!

What a team build should do is to help people to build their own team. Let us look at it realistically when the so called “Leaders” are building a large team to go into a program, most of them want to use that team when they build it to take into their next venture and so on. That is why there is little training other than occasionally suggested ads to use and a list of places to advertise.

Look on Face-book all you see day after day from so called marketers are post after post in multiple groups with their link for the latest “HOT” new program. It is so “hot” that there are hundreds and hundreds of people promoting the same thing. Another problem I see is that often they jump into everything that comes along and, as everyone who joins the team build are asked to connect with the admin to make sure they miss nothing then every post is seen on the timeline of the people on the team.

Many so called leaders see this as a way of reaching lots of people who have proved they are looking to earn money. Neat trick eh? Open a Face-book page for the latest new “Team-build” then get them to connect and blast out every new thing that comes along to those people.

That is one way to earn short term but seldom lasts long as people realise what is happening. It is much better to work with a group of people who are willing to pass on their experience and knowledge to help YOU to build your own team.

Build your own solid team of people who will work with you to progress and earn together, That is the secret.


I just thought I would share with you one of my Poems. It came to me when I was out walking one day and I feel that it is a lessons to me that wherever I am I need to be open to opportunities coming in, both in the natural world around me and also in my business and personal life too! Hope that you enjoy it.



We look with eyes that fail to see,
The wonders all around.
Listen without hearing frequently,
Natures softly whispered sound.

Swaying grasses moved by some invisible hand,
Dancing all in time.
The rustling leaves by gentle breezes fanned,
Nature’s harmony and rhyme.

Open your eyes today and really look,
For the universal gift.
Listen to the sound of a babbling brook,
Feel your jaded spirits lift.

Observe the flight of birds on the wing,
So graceful and so free.
How these sights and sounds such pleasure bring,
To the forgotten child in me.

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